Go to and watch each news movie.


Choose the one you found the most interesting and answer the questions below.


1. What was the movie about?

2. Why did you find it interesting?

3. What is one thing you learnt from this video?


If you are super quick and have more time, please write a version of the movie that explains the situation to grade 1/2 students.



Maths Technology August 7 2013

How do you read a decimal?

What does a zero before the decimal mean?

Pause the video as it is playing and answer the questions. Type your questions below.

What does a decimal point separate?

What is on the right of a decimal point?

What is on the left?


What did you do well today?
What did you do not so well?
What can you improve on next time?

Exposition – Guest Post

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Hi everyone,

This week’s guest blogger is Edna. She is sharing her exposition writing with us all.


Children Drink Too Much Soft Drink


Soft drink is a fizzy drink that people drink. Soft drink can come in all different colours and flavours. People all over Australia drink soft drink. There are three reasons supporting why children drink too much soft drink.

Firstly, soft drink has lots of sugar. 95% of soft drink mainly has sugar. The Mountain Dew and Coke companies don’t only have sugar, but have caffeine in their soda.

Secondly, soft drink is not healthy. Miss Victoria from La Trobe University says that soft drink is not healthy and it makes kids sick. A student from Mildura Primary School drank too much soft drink and vomited and felt really sick.

Finally, it makes kids hypo. 95% of parents all over Australia have to stop their children   from being very naughty because they have gone hypo over drinking soft drink. Harry Styles has a lot of nephews, nieces and cousins that love to drink soft drink and they do crazy!

There are three arguments why children drink too much soft drink.  I believe that soft drink has too much sugar, makes kids sick and kids go crazy.


What did you like about Edna’s post?

Do you agree or disagree with what she has said and why?

Anzac Day – Guest Post

Guest post by Lorinda


In Australia we celebrate a thing called A.N.Z.A.C Day. On this day we remember the brave soldiers who have represented Australia and New Zealand at war. At our school we have a memorial at the front of the yard; this is where we have our A.N.Z.A.C Day ceremony. This year we sang a song called “Lest We Forget,” which comes from a famous poem ‘Ode of Recession.’ We have a ceremony to remember them, we also have one minute silent to remember what they did. There is a special flower that grew over the graves of soldiers fighting in France. It is bright red and is called a ‘poppy.’ Our class read the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and talked about the great sacrifice our soldiers made for our country.


What message do you have for soldiers who have represented our country?


Academic Olympics


What an awesome way to finish the term! We had such a wonderful start to the year that our teachers organised the Mildura Academic Olympics for us to compere in.

Some of our challenges for the day included:

-iPad photo scavenger hunt

-Creating Oobleck goo

-Seeing who could create the furtherst flying paper aeroplane

-Naming indigenous hunting and gathering tool

-Math problem solving questions


What challenge did you enjoy the most?

Which did you find the most challenging?

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect for everyone who lives in Australia. In being a part of Harmony Day, we learn and understand how all Australians from different and diverse backgrounds can make Australia great.

We started Harmony Day by working with our buddy classes around what makes us unique. We made our own Harmony Day book which we then shared with the prep class.

We then joined the whole school to watch some performances from our awesome school choir and indigenous dance group. We shared in our own special songs and dances with our parents before having a whole school lunch.


What did you enjoy most about Harmony Day?

Why is Harmony Day important to you?

Our Term so Far



The grade five and six students have had such a busy term!


In maths, we have been focussing on place value. We have learnt lots of new strategies, such as rounding numbers, identifying the value of each digit as well as extended notation. This unit of work was really fun because we discussed our own maths goals with our teachers and worked individually on these goals using the Ultranet. We were able to analyse our understanding regularly and could see our progress on a whole class graph.

In reading, we have reviewed strategies to help us comprehend everything we read as well as choosing just right books and looking at the authors purpose for writing. We have been using a series of contextual clues as well as our prior knowledge to make predictions about texts and have used sentence stems to make connections with what we read. We have been working hard to improve our reading stamina and taking note of everything we read. Our teachers are really proud of the effort we have made with our book recommendations on the Ultranet. We are now beginning our work around ‘self-questioning’ as we prepare ourselves for FAB book discussions.

In writing, we have been working hard in starting our writer’s notebook for the new year. We can generate lots of ideas from writing and have been taking inspiration from books we read. We have also been doing lots of learning around the text type of ‘persuasion,’ collecting lots of ideas from advertisements, debates and discussions and we are now starting to analyse exposition texts for their effectiveness. In the next week, we will beging to write our own exposition text from this understanding.

In inquiry, we have been learning lots about important events in Australia’s past. We were lucky to have Mr. Mitchell visit our class last week to help us with a performance based immersion about aboriginal history. We became honorary members of Mr. Mitchell’s tribe and learnt what it would have been like for them after European settlement. We learnt about the stolen generation and were able to watch Kevin Rudd’s ‘Sorry’ speech. It was a moving experience.



Guest Blogger- Breanna

On Friday the 22nd of February the grade three, four, five and six students went to a hockey clinic. To start off with we played scarecrow tiggy for a warm up.
We got together as a class and played a different version of tiggy, called ‘Hocktopus Tiggy.’ We had to try and dribble the ball past the octopi. The octopi had to try and hit the ball out of the square, and if they succeeded, you had to sit out. If they didn’t succeed, we had to get past the line.
Then we got into groups of six for some short games. We had an activity where we were learning to pass and stop the ball. The group that did it the best got to choose a sticker each.  Then we got together and we did the second activity which was learning to dribble around a cone. The fastest team and the team that was the best at cheering got to choose a sticker. Each team had to scream and see who was the loudest because we were all good at cheering for our team.