Guest Blogger- Breanna

On Friday the 22nd of February the grade three, four, five and six students went to a hockey clinic. To start off with we played scarecrow tiggy for a warm up.
We got together as a class and played a different version of tiggy, called ‘Hocktopus Tiggy.’ We had to try and dribble the ball past the octopi. The octopi had to try and hit the ball out of the square, and if they succeeded, you had to sit out. If they didn’t succeed, we had to get past the line.
Then we got into groups of six for some short games. We had an activity where we were learning to pass and stop the ball. The group that did it the best got to choose a sticker each.  Then we got together and we did the second activity which was learning to dribble around a cone. The fastest team and the team that was the best at cheering got to choose a sticker. Each team had to scream and see who was the loudest because we were all good at cheering for our team. 

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