Our Term so Far



The grade five and six students have had such a busy term!


In maths, we have been focussing on place value. We have learnt lots of new strategies, such as rounding numbers, identifying the value of each digit as well as extended notation. This unit of work was really fun because we discussed our own maths goals with our teachers and worked individually on these goals using the Ultranet. We were able to analyse our understanding regularly and could see our progress on a whole class graph.

In reading, we have reviewed strategies to help us comprehend everything we read as well as choosing just right books and looking at the authors purpose for writing. We have been using a series of contextual clues as well as our prior knowledge to make predictions about texts and have used sentence stems to make connections with what we read. We have been working hard to improve our reading stamina and taking note of everything we read. Our teachers are really proud of the effort we have made with our book recommendations on the Ultranet. We are now beginning our work around ‘self-questioning’ as we prepare ourselves for FAB book discussions.

In writing, we have been working hard in starting our writer’s notebook for the new year. We can generate lots of ideas from writing and have been taking inspiration from books we read. We have also been doing lots of learning around the text type of ‘persuasion,’ collecting lots of ideas from advertisements, debates and discussions and we are now starting to analyse exposition texts for their effectiveness. In the next week, we will beging to write our own exposition text from this understanding.

In inquiry, we have been learning lots about important events in Australia’s past. We were lucky to have Mr. Mitchell visit our class last week to help us with a performance based immersion about aboriginal history. We became honorary members of Mr. Mitchell’s tribe and learnt what it would have been like for them after European settlement. We learnt about the stolen generation and were able to watch Kevin Rudd’s ‘Sorry’ speech. It was a moving experience.

2 thoughts on “Our Term so Far

  1. Hi team 5/6,
    My name is Miss Fraser and I teach Grade 5/6 in Sunbury. I met Ms Huszar from 2H on the Summer holidays at a professional development day near Geelong where we learnt how to set up our class blogs.
    Your first term sounds so exciting! I would love to know what books you have recommended so I can let my students know. Your inquiry unit sounds very inspiring. This term, we have looked at what learning is and how we can prepare ourselves to learn best.
    Feel free to head on over to our blog to see what else we have been up to. The address is http://froleisland.global2.vic.edu.au
    Have a happy and safe holidays and see you when Term 2 begins!
    From, Miss Fraser

  2. Hi,

    It sounds like you have been up to lots of great stuff this term. Hopefully this next term will be as good or better!


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